Sunday, June 17, 2007


Yes, I am a dog-lover (in case my profile picture didn't give that away already...hehe)! Nowhere is it more apparent than in my reaction to all things canine; I am just a sucker for the dogs... small ones, big ones, pure-breeds and mongrels... doesn't matter... If it walks on four paws and barks while cocking its head to one side and wagging its tail furiously, I love it! :)

Infact, my life's only real regret has been my complete inability to have a dog of my own in all these many years! And my mom's to blame for that! Actually, it's not 'coz she doesn't like dogs
. Au contraire, she a dog-person too. She had one growing up, and was quite traumatized by his eventual demise. Not wanting to put herself through the pain of such bereavement again, her P.O.V. has been 'get a dog when YOU can take care of him'! Now that's been quite hard to do all these years what with staying in Mumbai with both parents working and me spending a good part of my day out of the house getting educated and all that good stuff...hehe. Then I came to the U.S. - but the education process continued to be my own personal albatross! Grad school is now finally over, and I am gainfully employed! After nearly a year on the icky frigid east coast (I refuse to subject a dog to such inhumane living conditions!), I am headed back to my beloved, dog-friendly west coast in a couple of months! And at last, I have my first real shot at owning a dog... provided ofcourse that I can convince my bosses to let me bring him to work! Let's see how that one goes... fingers crossed!

Meanwhile, I satiate my dog love, by playing with other junta's dogs on the streets, volunteering at the local dog shelter, and occasionally going "Awwwwwwwwww..." over a cute pic I find on the net! If it wasn't obvious already (hehe), this post is all about such an online cornucopia! :)

I discovered The Daily Puppy quite by accident on someone's Orkut page! And it's been such a pleasure! Every day the kind, good-hearted souls behind that website profile a new puppy... with a back story and tons o
f adorable pictures! In a span of a few days, the website has become in regular in my list of 'websites I must visit daily' (along with CNN, TOI and Bored...hehe). But you know how it is with these websites - here today, gone tomorrow... And losing out on this veritable treasure chest would be a disaster, wouldn't it?! ;) So I am going to make an attempt to post atleast one puppy-pic from that website to my blog every day... starting with these few ones of two Labrador sisters - Belle and Layla!

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