Tuesday, June 5, 2007

How the heck did they do THAT!?

Sometime last year the creators of American Idol put on this show on NBC called America's Got Talent - any and every Charlie who thought he could entertain an audience showed up for an audition... So as you can imagine there were tons of jugglers, and strippers, and magicians, and singers, and tap dancers and even a snapper... some entertaining, most thoroughly irritating! :)

Amidst all that mediocre hoopla, IMHO, there was one standout act - this couple who did a routine involving quick wardrobe changes! Yeah, that was their act - they changed clothes with alarming alacrity!

The next time your significant other spends a fortune in time getting dressed, here's a handy "how to do it before the ice age comes again" guide to getting changed quick... REAL quick! Till date, whenever I watch this, I can't stop myself from wondering - How the heck did they do THAT!? Hehe! :)

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